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Will Pound Sterling US Dollar Exchange Rate Fall to 1.4566 GBP USD?

28 Sep 2015 at 4 PM - Written by John Cameron

The US Dollar (currency : USD) enjoyed sustained support during the latter part of Friday’s trading session following comments from US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. The American central bank’s supremo told an audience at the University of Massachusetts that interest rates in the world’s premier economy remain ‘on track’ to rise before the end of this year. The Pound Sterling US Dollar exchange rate tumbled to its...

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Forecast British Pound Sterling Data Highlights for Week Commencing 28th September

28 Sep 2015 at 4 PM - Written by John Cameron

The Chinese Yuan (also known as the Chinese Renminbi), remains a little traded currency on the global markets, in spite of China having the second largest economy in the world. Old habits die hard and the former hard-line Communist government in Beijing continues to enforce stringent controls on its local currency. However, China’s perceived position as a key driver of growth in the global economy, coupled with the emergence...

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British Pound Sterling GBP Currency Outlook against EUR USD AUD

24 Sep 2015 at 12 PM - Written by Tim Boyer

Pound Sterling Exchange Rate Outlook: GBP Under Pressure This Week The Pound Sterling (currency : GBP) has struggled to push on against the other sixteen most actively traded global currencies during recent weeks thanks to a wholesale downgrading of interest rate expectation from FX analysts. The best guess from economists is that the Bank of England will maintain rates at their current record low of 0.50% for another twelve...

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Pound Sterling Euro GBP EUR Exchange Rate Edges Lower on Nowotny Comments

24 Sep 2015 at 8 AM - Written by John Cameron

ALERT: Euro (EUR) Exchange Rate Gains on ECB Comments European Central Bank Governing Council member Ewald Nowotny stated in a television interview yesterday that he would be reluctant to support any proposal for an increase to the ECB’s €65bn per calendar month Quantitative Easing (QE) programme. Some FX insiders have suggested in recent times that the ECB should broaden and deepen the scope of its QE scheme in an effort...

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Pound Sterling GBP Gains vs AUD NZD CAD Forecast to Continue on China Woes

23 Sep 2015 at 1 PM - Written by Ben Hughes

Chinese Data Sends AUD, NZD, CAD, Exchange Rates Lower Today Analysts are hesitant, to say the least, to accept the veracity of official economic statistics from China’s government, so data published by private companies regarding the current situation in the world’s second largest economy is extremely closely monitored. Given the increasing evidence of a slowdown in China’s economy, the latest Caixin/Markit...

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Volkswagen (VLKA.F) Scandal Improves Pound Sterling Euro Exchange Rate Forecast GBP EUR

23 Sep 2015 at 8 AM - Written by David Woodsmith

Pound ALERT: GBP-EUR Hits One-Month Best Rate The Pound Sterling (currency : GBP) spiked to its highest level against the euro (currency : EUR) since 21st August during yesterday morning’s session in the global currency markets. Volkswagen Scandal Weighs on Euro (EUR) Exchange Rate Forecast The GBP EUR exchange rate topped out at 1.3895 shortly after the European equities market’s opening bell – the move against the...

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Pound Sterling GBP Forecast Steady Despite Osborne Announcement of UK / China Share Market Links

22 Sep 2015 at 4 PM - Written by John Cameron

UK, China Partnership Inspires Foreign Currency Exchange Movement Investors holding the Pound Sterling (currency : GBP) may be interested to learn that UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne in planning to forge close links between the London Stock Exchange and China’s equities markets. Shanghai’s benchmark SSE Composite closed at a record high of 5,166 on the 12th June but the three months which followed brought an...

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Net US Dollar USD Long Forecast Fell Ahead of Fed Announcement

21 Sep 2015 at 9 AM - Written by Frank Davies

US Dollar Exchange Rate Forecast and Currency Market News The global currency markets are driven by speculators – that much is known. According to the World Bank’s latest estimates, over 90% of the $5.3 trillion traded on a daily basis in the market is speculative money, much of it extremely short term in nature and put forward by major global investments banks. FX ALERT: Will the US Dollar Fall on Revised Fed Interest...

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Mixed Forecast for Pound Sterling (GBP) vs Australian Dollar (AUD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD) and Canadian Dollar (CAD) as Commodity Prices Fall

21 Sep 2015 at 7 AM - Written by Toni Johnson

AUD, NZD, CAD Exchange Rate ALERT and Future Currency Forecast The Australian Dollar (currency : AUD), New Zealand Dollar (currency : NZD) and the Canadian Dollar (currency : CAD) are often grouped together as the ‘Commodity Dollars’ by FX insiders, and for good reason. The Australian economy is largely driven by its exports of metals – think Tin and Copper - while New Zealand’s specialises in the export of soft...

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Pound Sterling GBP Holds Firm Despite Bank of England Haldane’s Comments

20 Sep 2015 at 7 PM - Written by John Cameron

Comments this afternoon from the Bank of England’s Chief Economist Andy Haldane threaten to supress support for the Pound Sterling (currency : GBP) as we head into the weekend market close. Haldane used a set piece speech earlier to suggest that the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street could countenance cutting Base Rate to below zero levels in an effort to ward off the creeping threat which deflation poses to the domestic economy....

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