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Daily Pound to New Zealand Dollar Update: Poor GDP Figures Trigger GBP Slump

29 Sep 2017 at 12 PM - Written by David Woodsmith

Yesterday saw only a slight Pound to New Zealand Dollar rise. The pairing opened trading at a rate of 1.8575, then closed down in the evening near a rate of 1.8596. GBP Recap: Traders Disappointed by Slowing UK Economic Growth Today’s Pound to New Zealand Dollar decline has been brought about by a disappointing result for reported UK GDP in the second quarter. The finalised figures have been worse-than-expected, showing...

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GBP AUD Exchange Rate Tumbles as Annual GDP Slips

29 Sep 2017 at 11 AM - Written by John Cameron

The Pound Australian Dollar (GBP AUD) exchange rate has tumbled this morning as the UK’s annual GDP figures were unexpectedly revised down. Pound (GBP) Slides on Disappointing Growth Figures Sterling sentiment has plummeted this morning as investors reacted to the UK’s final second quarter GDP reading. According to data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Britain’s annual growth rate slipped from...

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GBP CAD Exchange Rate Flat as Traders Examine UK’s Economic Future

28 Sep 2017 at 2 PM - Written by Ben Hughes

On Wednesday’s trading session, the Pound rose against the Canadian Dollar from an opening rate of 1.6622 to close at 1.6730. Pound Trades Tightly after BoE Governor Warns of Limited Powers The Pound has failed to really pick up against the Canadian Dollar today, owing to continuing concerns about Bank of England (BoE) policy and the progress of Brexit talks. For the former issue, traders have been looking at comments...

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GBP USD Exchange Rate Slides Following Trump Tax Speech

28 Sep 2017 at 12 PM - Written by John Cameron

The Pound US Dollar (GBP USD) exchange rate continues to downtrend this week Trump’s tax proposals prompt latest uptick in the ‘Greenback’. US Dollar Strengthened by Trump Tax Speech and Upbeat Data The US Dollar was bolstered on Wednesday following a long awaited speech by US President Donald Trump on his tax reform plans and a stronger than expected rise in Durable Goods Orders. Markets welcomed Trump’s tax...

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GBP EUR Slides during Carney’s Speech at the BoE Independence Conference

28 Sep 2017 at 10 AM - Written by Tim Boyer

The Pound Euro exchange rate tumbled today amid continued US Dollar strength and speeches from Bank of England (BoE) Governor Mark Carney and UK Prime Minister Theresa May at the BoE Independence Conference. BoE Carney Sends Mixed Messages, GBP Encumbered Mark Carney’s speech at the BoE Independence Conference caused somewhat of a stir this morning when he stated that Brexit would be the biggest determinant for the UK’s...

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EUR GBP Exchange Rate Trends Lower Ahead of German Inflation Data

27 Sep 2017 at 3 PM - Written by David Woodsmith

While the initial negative impact of Sunday’s German election results started to ease somewhat the Euro Pound exchange rate remained on a weaker footing. With Chancellor Angela Merkel likely to be tied up in coalition negotiations in the near future the prospect of any greater Eurozone integration appeared to diminish. Developments in Catalonia also gave investors little cause for confidence, with the region still pushing...

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GBP USD Tumbles as Bombardier Tariffs Hurt Hopes for Free Trade

27 Sep 2017 at 2 PM - Written by John Cameron

The Pound US Dollar exchange rate tumbled this morning following news that the US Department of Commerce ruled in favour of Boeing over Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier (levying a significant 219.63% export tariff) and that new orders for US manufactured durable goods smashed expectations. Bombardier Export Tariffs Hurt GBP USD Bombardier, responsible for some 4000 jobs in Northern Ireland recently lost its lengthy...

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Minor GBP AUD Advance Seen despite Overall Pound Weakness

27 Sep 2017 at 11 AM - Written by Ben Hughes

Today’s Pound to Australian Dollar advance primarily comes from an Australian Dollar decline, given that most recent UK news has been negative. Yesterday, the Pound ticked up against the Australian Dollar, from an opening exchange rate of 1.6980 to close near 1.7066. UK Economic News: GBP Traders Rattled by EU Reception to Brexit So Far Recent economic announcements concerning the UK have not been especially supportive,...

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GBP NZD Exchange Rate Rises as Traders Fret about Future NZ Government

26 Sep 2017 at 1 PM - Written by Tim Boyer

The Pound opened trading at a rate of 1.8563 against the New Zealand Dollar on Monday, but ultimately closed down lower at 1.8556 by the end of the day. UK Economic News: GBP NZD Rate Rises as Traders Look to PM’s Meeting Although there has been little in the way of high-impact UK news today, the Pound has still managed to appreciate thanks to converse New Zealand Dollar weakness. The main focus for Pound traders has...

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GBP to EUR Exchange Rate Climbs in Reaction to German Election Results

26 Sep 2017 at 1 PM - Written by David Woodsmith

Despite market disappointment in the latest Brexit developments, Bank of England (BoE) speculation and a weaker Euro have helped the British Pound to Euro exchange rate advance. The Euro has been weak since Monday due to the results of 2017’s German federal election. A brief spike in Brexit jitters caused GBP/EUR to fall from 1.1377 to 1.1293 last week. Since then though, the pair has recovered much of its losses and briefly...

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