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Euro to US Dollar Exchange Rate Advances as First Trump Weekend Disappoints

23 Jan 2017 at 11 AM - Written by John Cameron

The Euro to US Dollar exchange rate has gradually advanced so far this year and the new week seems to be continuing that trend as market disappointment in the new US Trump administration has weighed on USD demand. EUR/USD saw a modest advance last week, from 1.0642 to 1.0701. When markets opened on Monday morning the pair quickly advanced to a six-week-high of 1.0753 and trended slightly below this level at the time of...

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USD/JPY Advances as Markets Await Trump’s First Presidential Speech

20 Jan 2017 at 4 PM - Written by John Cameron

Strong hopes for Donald Trump’s Presidency, coupled with a warning on Trump’s economics from a senior Japanese cabinet advisor, has kept the US Dollar to Japanese Yen exchange rate firmly on the advance. Markets Look to Trump Speech for Clues on Fiscal Stimulus Plans Investors are looking for signs that Trump intends to carry through with his election campaign promises, which involved massively increasing investment in...

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GBP CAD Exchange Rate Stabilises as UK Retail Sales Plummet

20 Jan 2017 at 2 PM - Written by James Fuller

The GBP CAD exchange rate stabilised this morning following its recent rally as disappointing UK sales figures ended the Pound’s advance. Pound Canadian Dollar (GBP CAD) Gains Muted by Drop in Retail Sales The Pound Canadian Dollar (GBP CAD) exchange rate struggled to extend its gains this morning as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that Retail Sales fell unexpectedly at the end of 2016. Sales fell...

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Greater Clarity over Brexit Continues to Underpin Pound Indian Rupee Exchange Rate

19 Jan 2017 at 4 PM - Written by James Fuller

The British Pound to Indian Rupee exchange rate failed to return to the week’s best levels on Friday afternoon, as markets began to doubt Trump would take any immediate action after becoming US President in the evening. As a result, investors took one last dip in risky emerging market currencies like the Indian Rupee, though the currency could plummet if Trump so much as hints at weaker trade ties and allow GBP/INR to...

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Gold Prices Drop Off, Pound Swiss Franc Exchange Rate Improves

19 Jan 2017 at 3 PM - Written by James Fuller

The British Pound to Swiss Franc exchange rate fluctuated on Friday afternoon as markets adjusted on ‘safe haven’ currencies ahead of Donald Trump’s Presidential inauguration, due to take place during the American session. Demand for the Pound recovered slightly from the morning’s retail-sales related selloff. However, GBP/CHF was kept away from its best daily levels by news that gold prices had improved. [Previously...

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GBP NZD Exchange Slips after Brexit Speech Spike

18 Jan 2017 at 1 PM - Written by James Fuller

The British Pound to New Zealand Dollar exchange rate slipped on Thursday afternoon, as demand for risk-correlated currencies remained high. With the inauguration of Donald Trump as the next US President approaching, investors have been expressing their disappointment with his lack of economic rhetoric in recent weeks by indulging in higher yielding currencies like the ‘Kiwi’. [Previously updated 19/01/2017] The Pound...

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British Pound to Norwegian Krone Exchange Rate Falls from Highs after Tuesday Surge

18 Jan 2017 at 12 PM - Written by John Cameron

The British Pound to Norwegian Krone exchange rate edged higher on Thursday afternoon, as Sterling sentiment remained solid thanks to higher hopes for post-Brexit Britain to make new strong trade deals. This was despite news that prices of oil, Norway’s most lucrative commodity, had increased on Thursday due to falling US oil stockpiles and increased evidence of OPEC producer cuts. [Previously updated 19/01/2017] With...

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GBP EUR Exchange Rallies as PM Outlines 'Brexit' Plans

17 Jan 2017 at 3 PM - Written by Ben Hughes

The British Pound to Euro exchange rate continued to trend over half a cent below the day’s opening levels towards the end of Wednesday’s session, but was able to limit its losses after a date for the Supreme Court’s Article 50 case decision was announced. UK Supreme Court will announce whether it will side with the High Court or UK government on the activation of Article 50 on the 24th of January. Investors expect the...

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Pound Australian Dollar Exchange Rate Rallied after May Clarified Government Stance on Brexit

17 Jan 2017 at 3 PM - Written by John Cameron

On Wednesday afternoon, the Pound to Australian Dollar exchange rate trended in the region of 1.6295. The pair was on track to have lost around -0.7% throughout the day as Sterling was sold from its Tuesday highs in profit-taking. The Pound selloff was highly influential as the British currency fell across the board despite lower risk-sentiment keeping the Australian Dollar weaker than it had been thus far this...

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Rising Gold Prices Support ZAR, Pound South African Rand Exchange Rate Dips

17 Jan 2017 at 11 AM - Written by Minesh Chaudhari

The Pound to South African Rand exchange rate trended near its worst daily levels on Wednesday afternoon but remained well above the week’s opening levels. The South African Rand failed to capitalise on the weaker Pound throughout the day due to limited demand for risky emerging market currencies ahead of Donald Trump’s upcoming inauguration on Friday. [Previously Updated 17/01/2017] Pound Rand Losses Recorded Ahead...

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