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Euro-Dollar Slides to Near 1.08 on ECB Rate-Cut Speculation and Gold Reversal

5 Dec 2023 at 8 AM - Written by Ben Hughes

Markets remain convinced that US and ECB interest rates will not be increased further, especially with evidence of weakening inflation pressures. Markets are also confident that both central banks will cut interest rates next year. After jumping in Asia, gold posted sharp losses during the day which underpinned the dollar and the Euro also lost ground with the Euro to Dollar (EUR/USD) exchange rate sliding to 20-day lows...

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GBP/EUR Outlook: Pound to Euro Exchange Rate Posts 12-Week Best

4 Dec 2023 at 12 PM - Written by Frank Davies

The Pound to Euro exchange rate posted 12-week highs just above 1.1690 in Asia on Monday before consolidating just above 1.1650. Market positioning and the shift in relative interest rate expectations has been a key element with the Pound drawing support from expectations of aggressive rate cuts next year. There has already been in a shift in market expectations and investment banks have brought forward their...

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Pound to Dollar Forecast: 1.31 by 2025 say BofA

3 Dec 2023 at 7 PM - Written by James Fuller

Bank of America expects that the Pound to Dollar (GBP/USD) exchange rate will strengthen to 1.31 at the end of 2024. Goldman Sachs, however, expects that GBP/USD will weaken to 1.18 early next year and trade slightly below current levels at 1.25 in 12 months. Markets are now pricing in more aggressive Fed rate cuts during 2024 while Bank of England (BoE) projections have been scaled back during the week. GBP/USD...

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Euro to Dollar Q1 2024 Forecast: Parity Call say Morgan Stanley

3 Dec 2023 at 7 PM - Written by Ben Hughes

Foreign currency strategists at Morgan Stanley expect that the Euro to Dollar (EUR/USD) exchange rate will slide to parity by the end of the first quarter of 2024. Wells Fargo expects that the dollar will lose ground in 2024 with the Euro to Dollar (EUR/USD) exchange rate at 1.11 at the end of 2024. There was choppy dollar and Euro trading during the week as markets responded to the flow of data, central bank headlines and...

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Pound to Euro Week Ahead Forecast: FX Bank Views Roundup

3 Dec 2023 at 7 PM - Written by David Woodsmith

Foreign exchange analysts at Rabobank see scope for the Pound to Euro exchange rate (GBP/EUR) to strengthen to 1.1765 on a 6-month view. In contrast, Bank of America does not expect GBP/EUR to strengthen further with a rate of 1.1495 in mid 2024 and 1.1365 at the end of next year. The Pound to Euro (GBP/EUR) exchange rate has posted sharp gains this week amid the combination of hawkish Bank of England rhetoric and a...

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Pound Euro Rate Today: Sterling Jumps to 10-week Highs as ECB Rate Cuts Seen as Inevitable

3 Dec 2023 at 6 PM - Written by Frank Davies

The overall data flows and central bank interest rate expectations have continued to underpin the Pound against the Euro with Bank of England (BoE) having greater success than the ECB in pushing back against expectations of rate cuts next year. The Pound to Euro (GBP/EUR) exchange rate was unable to hold above 1.1600 on Thursday, but secured fresh buying on Friday with 10-week highs at 1.1625. Nationwide reported that UK...

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The Pound to Dollar: Forecasts see Possible Gains to 1.2745, say UoB

1 Dec 2023 at 7 AM - Written by John Cameron

UK and Global Inflation Pressures in Focus, GBP/USD Exchange Rate Finds Support at 1.2600 European currencies have been generally on the back foot on Thursday as the dollar has secured a net recovery in global markets, but with some Pound resilience in evidence amid fears over sticky UK inflation. The Pound to Dollar (GBP/USD) exchange rate dipped sharply to test solid support just above 1.2600 before a recovery to...

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Euro-Dollar Retreats, Where Next? December EUR/USD Outlook

1 Dec 2023 at 7 AM - Written by Ben Hughes

The Euro to Dollar (EUR/USD) exchange rate came under significant pressure after Thursday’s European open as further evidence of a sharp decline in Euro-Zone inflation reinforced expectations of an early cut in ECB interest rates. EUR/USD retreated to lows just below 1.0910 ahead of the New York open before stabilising. Month-end position adjustment will trigger near-term volatility with markets then focussing on...

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Pound to Euro December Forecast: Potential Scope to 1.1630

30 Nov 2023 at 10 PM - Written by Frank Davies

The Pound to Euro exchange rate strengthened to 7-week highs just above 1.1600 in early Europe on Thursday before a retreat to 1.1580 in choppy trading. Interest-rate expectations will remain a key driver for GBP/EUR in the short term and the Pound should maintain an underlying firm tone in the short term. The latest data has reinforced expectations that the ECB will be in a position to cut interest rates next year, but...

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Euro US Dollar Exchange Rate: Corrective Retreat after Euro-Zone Inflation Data

30 Nov 2023 at 1 PM - Written by David Woodsmith

The Euro to Dollar exchange rate (EUR/USD) was subjected to a correction after failing to hold above the 1.10 level and there was further selling after Thursday’s European open. The inflation data from France, Spain and German came in well below expectations, reinforcing expectations of weak Euro-wide data. The headline Euro-Zone inflation rate declined sharply to 2.4% from 3.2% previously. This was below consensus...

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