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A round up of the latest Pound Euro forecast news items from the Currency News desk.

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Euro Currency Insight - Pound Euro Rate Gains on Disappointing European Growth Numbers

15 Feb 2011 at 3 PM - Written by John Cameron

Disappointing growth figures in the Eurozone have weighed heavily on the Euro during today’s European trading session. French quarterly GDP figure for quarter 4 of 2010, released this morning showed growth of 0.4% as opposed to expectations of 0.6%. German counterpart figures also disappointed, with Europe’s industrial powerhouse economy...

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Euro Update - Debt Issues Remain for Single Currency

9 Feb 2011 at 2 PM - Written by John Cameron

Eurozone sovereign debt issues continue to cast a shadow over the Euro, with uptake for recent bond auctions in Ireland and Spain causing concern amongst analysts. European Financial Stability Facility Chairman Klaus Regling is due to make a set-piece speech later today. This will be closely watched by institutional investors who hope that...

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Upturn in Risk Appetite Hurts US Dollar

8 Feb 2011 at 9 AM - Written by John Cameron

The US Dollar lost ground against the majority of major currencies during last night’s Asian session. Asian equity markets traded into positive territory, signalling an upturn in appetite for risk which in turn caused institutional investors to move away from the safe-haven of Dollar-denominated assets. The improvement in risk sentiment...

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Sterling Supported by Upbeat Figures

8 Feb 2011 at 9 AM - Written by John Cameron

The Pound saw a near-term rally in the early part of the week as it continued to recover from poor Quarter 4 growth figures. The January PMI figure, released at the end of last week, showed that the key UK Service Sector returned to growth. Last week also saw the release of positive manufacturing and construction data, leading to commentators...

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German Data Weighs Down Euro

8 Feb 2011 at 9 AM - Written by John Cameron

Concerns over the servicing of individual nations’ sovereign debts continue for investors in Euro denominated assets. The latest Spanish bond auction has a disappointing uptake and EU Leaders met on Friday to discuss the overhauling of the €440bn emergency bailout fund. Comments following the meeting suggested that the fund may be...

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