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Transferring a large amount of money to turkey

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On Sunday, 12th February 2017 following question to our expert...


I'm about to sell my property and transfer my money to Turkey for buying a house and some investment. I have a bank account in one if the Turkish banks. What is the best and safest way to transfer my money into my account in Turkey? If there is, after the transfer will I have problem in there for accessing my money?

Finally, which company gives the best rate?


On Monday, 13th February 2017 ...

Hi Nasser,

Thanks for getting in touch via our partner company

In answer to your question, the Pound has held up relatively well in the markets during recent weeks. However, the UK is expected to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty in coming weeks, beginning the process of extricating itself from the European Union. Sterling is expected to suffer losses at this time.

For this reason, I would consider selling your GBP into TRY sooner rather than later.

Kind Regards,

John Cameron
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