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If I sell my house in Greece can I have the payment made into my UK bank account - less fees and taxes etc?

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On Friday, 17th March 2017 following question to our expert...

Basically, if the buyer is willing to transfer the sale fee to our UK bank account that possible? We do not want money stuck in a Greek bank account with the currency withdrawal restrictions imposed there. Many thanks, Sharon Huyhse

On Thursday, 23rd March 2017 ...

Hi Sharon,

Yes indeed that would be possible. However, if you get your buyer to remit euros directly into your GBP current account, your UK bank will convert them into Sterling at very poor rate of exchange.

You would be better to do the same thing but using a specialist foreign currency broker – your buyer can send euros direct to their euro client account and they will then convert them into GBP at a much better rate of exchange.


John Cameron
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