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Euros to GBP, when?

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On Sunday, 27th November 2016 following question to our expert...

Hello there,

Thank you for this service. I have 137000 Euros in a special HSBC account and want to know the best way to eventually have it in GBP, Is a straight transfer through a Money Broker the best way and when would be a good time. I can wait until next Summer if necessary. At the moment I am getting about £115,500 for the above Euro amount.



On Monday, 28th November 2016 ...

Hello Mark,

The Pound has enjoyed a surprise recovery against the euro over the past three weeks, climbing from 1.1000 to close to 1.1800. Although the UK economy is plagued by uncertainty, the mainland European financial and political systems are far from solid at the money with the Italian Referendum and elections in Germany and France looming.

For this reason, I would consider selling your EUR sooner rather than later.

The best way is certainly to register with a UK-based FCA Authorised currency broker.

Best wishes,

John Cameron
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