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January 19, 2012 - Written by John Cameron


The Pound has suffered from drift in the currency markets today, in the absence of any significant UK data releases. Investors holding Sterling-denominated assets will be hoping for an unexpected spike in UK Retail Sales when December’s UK shop sales data is released tomorrow morning. NEAR-TERM OUTLOOK – NEUTRAL TO NEGATIVE.

US DOLLAR – The Pound Dollar exchange rate (GBP USD) is 1.5439

The US Dollar has held steady on the day against the Pound and the Euro. US CPI Inflation data, released this afternoon, revealed that the price of a basket of consumer goods showed no monthly increase in December. With global stock markets trading into positive territory on the day, the risk is to the downside for the Greenback. NEAR-TERM OUTLOOK – NEUTRAL TO NEGATIVE.

EURO – The Pound Euro exchange rate (GBP EUR) is 1.1977

The Euro has continued to show signs that it is recovering during today’s session, following confirmation from the IMF of yesterday’s rumour that it is set to seek to raise $500bn in order to bolster its bail-out fund. Debt-burdened Eurozone states are likely to be the major beneficiaries of the move, providing a fair wind for the Eurozone’s currency. NEAR-TERM OUTLOOK – NEUTRAL TO POSITIVE.

SWISS FRANC – The Pound Swiss Franc exchange rate (GBP CHF) is 1.4468

The GBP CHF rate continues to ease off the 9-month high which it reached earlier this month. The safe-haven Franc has moved forward on the day against the Pound, in spite of positive moves on global equities markets. This is partly a technical move, but partly driven by improved sentiment towards Switzerland’s major trading partner, the Eurozone. NEAR-TERM OUTLOOK – NEUTRAL TO POSITIVE.

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